Accessibility Services

Eastern Maine Community College is dedicated to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act and Amendments of 2009 (ADAA).  Students requesting accommodations have the responsibility of registering with Accessibility Services in order to request accommodations.  Reasonable accommodations are granted on an individual, case-by-case basis by the Coordinator of Accessibility Services to students with documented disabilities. Questions about Accessibility Services can be directed to 伊丽莎白Daigle, Coordinator of Accessibility Services, 207-974-4868 or via 电子邮件

In addition to completing the form below, please provide your 文档 to 欧宝体育官网 to:

Accessibility Services Coordinator

Click here to complete the initial contact form.

If you have questions about accommodations, academic policies, 文档, or anything else related to accessing your educational opportunities at 欧宝体育官网, 请! Accommodations are different in college than in high school.  这个网页 from the US Department of Education explains important differences in the Q&一个部分.

Guidelines for Documentation

Documentation can be sent to Accessibility Services by fax 207-974-4883 or 电子邮件 or brought to Accessibility Services in Maine Hall 123. If you would like comprehensive guidelines for 文档, please 电子邮件

  • Students with recent 文档 from high school services can ask the school to provide a copy of the student’s full records with IEP/504, including supporting 文档 and evaluations.
  • 欧宝体育官网 students who have historical K-12 文档 need to request a formal letter from a current healthcare provider (physician, nurse practitioner, 精神病学家, 治疗师).
    • Documentation must come from a licensed and qualified healthcare provider appropriate to the disability condition for which accommodations are requested; provider can not be student’s family member.
    • Documentation must include a formal letter, on professional/office letterhead with full contact information for the licensed provider.
    • Documentation must include specific diagnosis, functional impact/barrier, expected stability/change over time, existing treatments/supports, and recommendations for possible accommodations.
  • Accommodations requests for service animals and emotional support animals require additional 文档. 请电子邮件 to get specific guidelines for service animal and ESA requests.


Accessibility Services Coordinator